A simple tower defense game, set in a cyber-like futuristic environment. During the development of this project I got the chance to be scrum master, making me responsible for our scrum workflow, while contributing as graphics programmer to the PBR shading model and the asset pipeline of the project.

Roles: Scrum master and Graphics programmer
Platforms: Windows - Itch and Nintendo Switch
API/Engine: Custom - OpenGL, GLFW, Nintendo Switch API, FMOD, EnTT.
Group size: 8
Span: Feb 2021 - Jun 2021

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CPU raytracer

A CPU ray tracer build during the development of Dataflow for self-study purposes. It features the Wavefront model format, primitive multithreading and a few extra post processing effects such as Depth of Field and Anti-Aliasing.

Roles: Graphics programmer
Platforms: Windows
API/Engine: STB_Image.
Group size: Solo
Span: Feb 2021 - Jun 2021

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Minimal Renderer Proof of Concept

This renderer was created to provide ideas and proof concepts for the Dataflow project. The final product represents a forward renderer with PBR  shading support, including normal mapping and baked ambient occlusion.

Roles: Scrum master and Graphics programmer
Platforms: Windows
API/Engine: Custom - OpenGL, GLFW
Group size: 3
Span: Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

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Dune strider is an open sandbox game, made in unreal engine 4.  As tech lead I worked together with a group of programmers to tackle the technical challenges and risks that the project presented itself with. During the development I contributed to the graphics research and lighting of the game.

Roles: Programming lead and Graphics/Gameplay programmer.
Platforms: Windows - steam
API/Engine: Unreal engine 4
Group size: 15-25
Span: Sep 2021 - Jun 2022

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Thorium is game engine, made with ECS and cross platform abstraction kept in mind. As graphics programmer I got to work on the DirectX12 and PlayStation 4 graphics implementations of the project.

Roles: Product owner and Graphics programmer.
Platforms: Windows/Ps4
API/Engine: Custom - DirectX12, WinAPI, PS4 API, EnTT.
Group size: 5
Span: Sep 2020 - Dec 2020

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